The court

Napoleon conquered many kilometres of lands.
One land Napoleon conquered.

It was 24th July 1796. At 10 in the evening some uniformed soldiers appeared in Villafontana, near to Verona. As recalled in his book Giorgio Galetto, the garrison asked "Representatives of the Community, the best accommodation for Him." "Him" with a capital "H" because of the great fame that accompanied him in the Italian Campaign and from them onwards down through history. It was he Napoleon Bonaparte who that night chose to stay at Villa Noris: the historic seat of the Veronese nobleman Antonio Noris. And here this day Corte Noris is born: a name, a trademark, a place from which to spread the best flavors of Italy and to welcome those who want to learn about Italy through its finest flavors.

Go ahead please, take your place in Italy.

Corte Noris not only wishes to bring to the world the very best in the heritage of Italian flavors, but also extends an exclusive welcome to you with its atmosphere that is charged with history and excitement. Here we play host to you with all the warmth that we are proud to say is a feature of our land. Because Italy gives the best of itself in its flavors and its people.

Learn to taste: taste to learn.

We want to teach all about Italy through its tastes and flavors. And even before that we want to spread the word about Italy's flavors in all their glory. To do this we carry out all sorts of activities linked to fine eating. Because here at Villa Norris, Italian taste is an enthralling and fascinating experience.